May 4th, 2007


Highs and Lows, and stuff

Well.... I have some very 'squee' worthy news!!

Dad was offered, and accepted, a new job!! YEAH!!!!! The company he is currently working at decided to open a branch down in S. America, and ship them off to other jobs, or other projects, or down to S. America. Dad decided to stay for as long as they offered him to be on (aka until the project he is working on is done) or risk loosing some severance pay if he leaves early for another job. Well screw that! Dad was nervous last weekend when they visited me about the interview since it was a gov't, classified kinda gig. And Mom said they offered it to him and he will put his 2 weeks notice in on Monday. Screw severance. Dad just turned 55 so it's great to get a job!!

Mom is also doing GREAT! The docs decided to keep her on some meds, and delay the surgery for 3 months if the meds keep everything under control. This is a BIG relief to her since the surgery could screw her previous surgery done 17yrs+ up... so we are still praying that it clears, heals, and goes away for good!!

Brian, my brother, who will be 23 btw on May 9 - eep! - found out he did not get the Police job in the town next to them in Dallas. They said that one of the reasons was he was not detailed enough, which is true, out of the two of us kids, I am more detail-oriented, but admittedly not by much. Also they said they weren't sure he was mature enough since he still lived a home. Yet he is going to school part time. And any of you who live in a big city know that once can not be a student and live on ones own very well. Brian is just trying to get a job to pay for his small bills he has. Sheesh! He is trying out for another PD, which makes Mom nervous.

Various friends have just been dealing with a lot of stuff lately. And it makes me sad. I want everyone to have more highs then lows at the end of the week, but it seems this week it's just not happening. Next week maybe?

Ok, so ya. Internet was down for 2 days at the office. *dies* but I had it up at my house, so I ended up burning the second paper to a disk and driving home (all of 3 blocks away) and emailing them to the printers. It was a fun Wednesday. So now I am just trying to stay cool since it's damp and muggy here - been raining almost all week here in central Texas.