May 6th, 2007


Starbuck Therapy - Latte Style

First, starbuck1980 would be so proud of me – I finally went to Starbucks while in Waco! I brought my laptop, and even so they don’t have their wireless up yet, it’s still Starbucks. I forgot how much coffee and beans and food, mixed with Opera, is LOVE! MMMM and my Venti Vanilla Latte is like divine after not having any coffee in so long. It’s very sad, I know. I remember when I came to Starbucks and would sit here for HOURS and would be writing stupid fic ideas down in a notebook and people watch. I love to people watch, not to mention smell like coffee and listen to some good jazz tune.

I did get some writing done *claps* so I felt good. Was writing more on my long OC/John Sheppard Atlantis fic (which trisana may remember me telling her about my plot line in Burbank) and also been working on more of my original fic, “The Other Black Book” (tentative title) which only a select few have been reading so far. It’s one of “my kind” of novels – a mystery and I think I have part one down. So am working on the middle, and have a bit of the idea down. *shuffles little bits of papers with scribbled notes and timelines and character notes* These are the times I wish I had a writers group!!

Speaking of writer groups, how many of you writers have one in your area, or go to one? I met this lady who writes these humor shorts and we want to do a writers meet with the two of us and if there are any other writers in Marlin, they can join too, but would be for ourselves mostly at this point. Now that the play is over (which I did find I got like ONE good cast pic on my camera and will have to post) we can maybe see what our schedules are like…. Hahaahaha yes a full time home schooling mom and a journalist trying to get our schedules in line. *cue the laughter* But we shall do it…. Sometime.

I am happy the play is over cause now my friend Andrea and I can have our House nights. Yes I watch House. Our schedule on Tuesday is this: Call to confirm we are meeting (well duh, it’s cause we need to catch up on all the odd things that has happened at our works), plan dinner, me make dinner if I volunteer for that, eat while watching American Idol, House, Law and Order:SV and then usually she leaves around 10:30 or so if she is still awake. It’s great to have a girl’s night every week. It’s my home party where someone actually visits me!! I am always going to my friend’s house because they have like a zoo they can’t leave for long periods of time. My adopted zoo too.

Ok so a side note, but a lady just came walking in and there were two cowboys who had walked past the front of Starbucks (I am sitting by the window – oh blessed windows!!! – and they stare at her as she walks from her car to the front door. Oh classy men, classy. So she comes in, and um, fashion tip ladies, black flapper like dress, black tights and gold high heel pumps are not really out of the house attire… at least I didn’t think so…. Could be here in the big city of Waco. Maybe I need to move back to Dallas before I loose touch completely then! You know, that just made my trip SOOO worth it!!!

Ah, the first, yesterday had a great three-way *oh!* chat (sorry, couldn’t resist) with Rottie and Emma. *group hug* there was a lot of laughter and stuff. Ah but ya’ll the English accents!!! *diez iz dead* We so will have to do it again… or just one on ones. No more “closet” time for ya! Heheeh *inside joke*

Ah, the second, my friends decided to “introduce me” to the roommate of the guy we were meeting – ok 3 girls one boy, got the mental image? Good. So his roommate is our waiter. Oh yes, that’s nice. He was tall, bald, but kinda cute in the face. Didn’t really look at him other then that. ANYWAY, he told his roommate afterwards that he thought I was, as quoted via Tammy, who knows the boy we had dinner with, “Josh thought you were cute, intelligent and well spoken” I think, don’t quote me on that. :-D Ok. Nice. Josh also likes short girls. Common! What’s up with that? But I did have to conceed that at least one of the things he didn’t mention was that I was short. I don’t think guys should like me because I am short (yes I am completely aware that this is my personal problem).

Could this be something? I don’t know, but I hazard a no. Friends, sure, more like a dating thing? I don’t thin so really. I have standards, and even so I have never dated, I think I would want to be dating for marriage.

*pfft* let’s just leave Josh as the waiter at Outback Steakhouse, a guy I am sure I will not see, unless Tammy invites his roommate to her house and tells me to come over too. Or we go back to the restaurant. Either way, it was fun and I blushed when I heard he said that about me. Perhaps I am not that bad, and guys do find me cute. *shrug*

Gosh, Starbucks is more then a coffee shop – it’s a place to set up the laptop and pour some emotional coffee on the page… perhaps I should come more often!! *sips latte*