May 8th, 2007


Dear Muse....

Dear Muse,

Hi, it’s me, your supposed owner. Would it be too much to ask if perhaps you drop me a line when you are leaving to go somewhere? If nothing else so I can give some tips of places to see, people to visit, or even perhaps to give some travel advice. I have found that packing the night before, panic, then sleep soundly works for me. The drive 2.5 hours to Dallas at 3am could be rethought, but dude it was so much fun.

And I digress.

You see, my dear muse, I seem to not only lose some track of my fic, both original and fan, but also my work writing. Now, as we both know, I put a roof over your and Isis’ head, and mine when I am home, with my job. Which, as funny as it may be, is writing. So you see the small, yet still impactful, delilema, yes?

Please, dear muse, come back from where you are. If you are out collecting wonderful ideas, I believe my readers, both in fandom and in the real world, would be most appreciative. However, if you decide to stay longer in … where ever you are, please let me know so I can hang my hat and cry for a bit while the readers, faithful and loyal, can go on to other writers to absorb their needed fixes.


P.S. Fic entailing lots of Sam and Daniel rompage, or other SG-1/SGA pair I ship, or another show that I watch, or even better yet, my original novels, would be great gift ideas to bring back. Also a nice boy to look at. Or to talk too, not picky. Or perhaps some of my friends can visit, you can bring them back with you. Or if all else fails, I will accept, begrudgingly I must add, a t-shirt describing the much fun you had with out me.
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