May 18th, 2007


Woo-a-wooo, a bop, du bop

Sorry about the title, was suddenly in a do-whop era of music in my head. I told ya, I'm eclectic!!

So Weekly Highs and Lows! (plus an added bonus! Rant on work!!)

- I have a job. Still. It ties into the rant on work, but I am glad I have a job, and one I really do love most days!
- Mom is doing well on the new meds. She will be on them for about 3 months and then go back to the dr. and see if surgery is needed at that time or what. We are praying that the meds do it and it all goes away.
- American Idol gave us an interesting choice: Blake or Jordin. Goodness! I love them both!!!

- Found out my uncle in Germany has pancreatic cancer. He started chemo since they can't do surgery or radiation. Have no further details on why not, but that is what Mom said when she talked to her sister.
- Ok this is minor in the scheme of things, but, dude, my little toe on my right foot still hurts! I was racing a 7yr old - yes a 26yr old should know better - but it was fun. Well minus me leaping over an oil spill in the Volunteer Fire Department bay and landing on my foot wrong. It's actually a lot better then earlier this week, but still is a pain.
- Dad convinced Mom to put their house back up for sale. This in turn meant they couldn't take the WAY CUTE puppy we (my friends and I) found as a stray. My friends are still looking to give him away - not that any of you are in my area, sadly, but jus fyi *wink*. So Mom has to continue packing and look for a new, smaller, more affordable house. Not that Dad can't afford the one we bought 4 years ago, but because he wants to downsize and pay off the mortgage quicker.

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Bad Guys!

Well.. this was a very funny, to me, ep. Shall we follow the yellow brick road?

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And a blip for SGA: We got two funnies! Ok so SGA was more drama then funny, but to see McKay freak out and "we are going to die! I am going to die! I am going to die!!!" is always funny.

Ok. So. Yeah!!

"Excuse me, murderious rebels"