June 4th, 2007



Well it's Monday, and there are a few changes for this week. My good friend up at the courthouse is being moved to another courthouse - the next county over infact. She is a JPO and it had seemed as if everything had calmed down and she could stay (looong story that involved Denton - the other writer - printing something we all told him not to). It turns out there was another JPO that pissed the judges off in another county and they are moving them here to Falls Co. for a bit. *sniffle* thank God for IM!!

In other news, I managed to make headway in my painting of my living room!! Yes I have been here 11 months (gasp!! that long!!) and had started and almost done all the painting back in September, but I didn't have a tall enough ladder - and I was tired of falling off of my homemade chair stacking - so I put it away for a rainy day. Managed to get a painter ladder and finished off the trim around the doors and one window. And also finished painting under the stairs. So now all I have to do is the corner (didn't want to move stuff on Sat) and maybe the stairs. from where I am sitting in the living room right now, it's obvious that the stairs are cream and the door frame is white *cringe* So that is a LOOOOOONG task for another weekend. Sunday I threw together 2 curtains!

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So my one window I can get to is done! I didn't do the other 2 windows because frankly, i would have to rearrange my whole living room, restring my lights... and so that's for another day. I may just make the casing and sides, and not hem it since that I can do without hanging them. I love them - they are floor to ceiling home made (purple!) drapes. They are a shade darker then then my purple I have on the walls (no your eyes are not fooling you, these drapes are on a white wall, 2 white, 1 purple and under the stairs is purple too. Purple is the accent color.)

Edit: As promised, my crazy musings on SG-1: Collapse )
And another tidbit I forgot to mention in my "review" of SGA's Sunday. Sheppard said he was married - which is AWESOME for the fic/novel I am doing about our sweetie. I am soooo going to be working on it this evening once I get this dreaded paper out.