June 27th, 2007


Unending Review.... that has an end

Well here we have it, the final review for the series finale. It still seems so hard to think, let alone write that. SG-1 has always been there, faithful over the years, telling us stories of heroes, of aliens, and of enemies. This is more then just another TV show to most of us fan; it’s something that brings us together. It tells us a story of the struggle in our own lives, even so we may not be going among the stars ourselves. It tells a story of friends, of the military, of the world we wish we lived in.

I recorded a “remembrance” tribute before I saw the finale episode. You can listen to it here when I find the URL… It goes over the growth of the characters a bit and what SG-1 means to me. Warning, I did tend to ramble a tad… but enjoyable nonetheless, I hope.

But on with the commentary, yes?

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