July 4th, 2007


To Do List


(updated 7/6/07)
* write Cam/Vala fic for ficathon (due July 10 31) - have to think of good plot/prompt combo
* NY:Lyrical - fic (due July 7) (will continue on the one my muse struck me up over the head with, but will take to long for challenge, so wrote another one for challenge)
* NY:Lyrical - icons (due July 7) - searching for perfect lyric/picture matches
* SGStill - icons (due July 9)
* SGHush - icons (due July 9 7) - have to look at pics

Then with all that.... I have the SDficathon entry... and would like to complete some of my original fic and SG fic... I am hoping today I can get some or most of it done (especially the stuff that's due this Sat.)

EDIT: Hush is due on the 7, not 9. Oh. Dear. Didn't do much yesterday in way of iconning. Very sad. However I was downloading caps like crazy, so I am hoping they will work with the lyrics. And I am toying with a fic idea for the lyrical too... just have to see where my muse takes it. *headdesk*

And thank you Dine for the encouragement! Your awesome!