July 8th, 2007


Oh cute kitty!

Well as you see, I changed my Isis icon, cause, she is too cute! *snuggle sleeping kitty* She is a beautiful cat... no this is not a post about how I am a proud (yet sappy) kitty mommy. It's more of a .... Isis may get a new sister, post.

Yes. The one thing I said I would not do - take on another pet - may be happening. You see, my friends, the same ones who actually rescued my Isis, found two new born kittens. One died yesterday *massive tears* and I was going to take him cause he was cute and black and cute!!!

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Here I was holding the little tyke after I fed him. Taken with my camera phone.

Sooo.... If I take on the survivor, in like 6wks, cause she is a newborn, and anything could happen - but she is a whinny girl and LOUD for a newborn!! - I need a name for her. Unless someone else takes her. But I know with my friends, I would have the first bid. Also, Isis hasn't met the kitten.

The little furball is gray, with dark gray stipes, very much like Isis, only gray. Also she may be a long haired kitty, were as Isis is a short haired kitty. So.. I am turning to my flist to help me come up with some names for new kitty. My only paramaters are that it keeps in the Egyptian theme. *shrug* blame it on my love for Egyptology, or maybe SG-1...

Names thought of so far...
Ma'at (or Maat) - Goddess of Truth, Justice, and Harmony
Hapi - God of Inundation (flooding of the Nile)
Aset - Ancient name of Isis
Baset - Goddess of Protection (represented by a head of a cat, was going to name Isis this, but kinda hard to scream *g*)

Ok.. so any other suggestions?
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