July 19th, 2007


HP... and life

Ok first a nice Harry Potter meme, taken from maevebran

My score on The Harry Potter Wand Test:

10", Willow, Veela

(You scored 47 wisdom, 27 bravery, 26 emotional, and 11 martyrdom!)

A willow wand signifies that you care deeply about emotions, art, and intuition, and that you have a particular knack for charms. The veela hair as a wand core means that you are slightly unpredictable but very powerful.

Link: The Harry Potter Wand Test
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And I haven't seen the move yet... Am re-reading OotP, and avoiding all spoilers. Um ya.. I know, I am reading the book, avoiding the spoilers. Makes no sense, but there ya go.

Um and to make this post just all kinds of fun, I have decided to forgo my Florida vacation and save my one week of vacation and go to London next May. I will also be going to Burbank in Nov. and my friends here said that we all could go to their aunt's house down in Houston and hang out as a mini-vacation. WEEEE. Still bummed about FL, but have been starting to look at flights for Burbank and London, so I know how much to save.

Payed bills yesterday, have a few more to do, am not as bad off as I thought, besides, I do owe myself the car insurance money that I had placed in savings. So should I need to, I can transfer some or all out into my checking.

In kitty news, Isis is sitll mad at me for leaving most of last week. She kept me up until 3a.m. chasing her around my bedroom after she kept leaping on the dresser (which she knows she is not allowed to do) and making a right racket. I wok up 10 minutes before I needed to go to work, so I raced around, got some food, and grabbed my coffee beans. I'm drinking coffee. Haven't had a drop in a while... so bad. But man does it taste good... Oh right, kitty news... Jonathan (the guy up at the courthouse... who likes me,... have I discussed this with you all yet?) really isn't fit to take the kitty, so I am going to go ahead with the orignal plan and tak the little tyke. I figured it was time to name her so I'm starting to call her 'Aset'. Don't have a decent pic of her because she squirms everytime we feed her. The name could change, but I think that will be her name.