July 24th, 2007


[FIC] Bad Liars

TITLE: Bad Liars
AUTHOR: chris4short
WRITTEN FOR: geneeste
PROMPTS: "You've gotta sharp mind but/ I'm a bad liar/It's hardly a new disclosure." (The New Amsterdams - Bad Liar) and "I just smile, once in a while/ Because I don't want the lines on my face/I sit right here, holding the years/And I count all the stars in space" (Brandi Carlile - Fall Apart Again)
SPOILERS: Unending
SUMMERY: Why is it so easy to lie about what is in their hearts?
A/N: Thanks to my fantastic friends and betas, Jess and Emma. Also big thanks to Jess who named my nameless story. Your right, again, it is perfect!

Am sorry it took a bit to post. Was done, but had to simmer until was perfected to be served. Best served with warm, gooey, walnut chocolate cookies. And milk. Mmmm.

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