July 29th, 2007



Ya'll, I'm so sore and tired, I only know my feet are still there cause I see them. We got paged out to a structure fire at 4:30a.m. and we are still on scene. I left cause we had a few already rolling hose and cleaning. So it's 7:50 a.m. by the time I hit my house again.

Oh the nice thing is that the electric company took 2hrs to get out there and disconnect LIVE wires from the house. The house is a total loss, the roof collapsed and the whole thing was in flames even when I got there.

Sadly my camera is messed up, so no pics. Sorry team. Ok well I smell like smoke (yeah) and my pants are drying in the bathtub as is my shirt... So I am gonna watch a bit of TV and fall asleep on the recliner. If I wake up in time, I may make it to a shower and church...
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