August 6th, 2007


6 things that are interesting

Because I was tagged - or was it tackled? - by my new friend luxuria_oceanus.... I shall now attempt to explain these 6 things I list in my interests:

ancient egypt: Goodness. I don't really remember when this started but there are some highlights. I really remember being all excited about mummies in this museum in Boston, Mass, when my mom, brother and I were visiting my dad when he was doing computer contract work up there. Anyway, I was so excited to see these mummies - I think I was maybe 8 or 9, so I don't know how I knew about mummies, or it was on of those curious things. My brother (who is 3 years younger then I) freaked out, so Mom and I went in, got to see mummies!!! It probably grew from there cause anytime I see something about Egypt or their life, I stop and watch, no matter how many times I have already seen it. From there it bloomed into writing fics set in Egypt, wanting to go visit Egypt, pulled into SG-1 (ok after I got past the HOT guys), books about Egypt. And now, naming my cats after Egypt names - Isis and Aset. I'm so far gone. I want to see the pyramids and do a dig, and look at the antiquities and ... and... *starts planning trip - again*

fangirls: I am a total fangirl. I love my totally fangirl friends - who I have had the opportunity to squee with many of them. I love my shows - namely Stargate franchise. It's the one that's responsible for my fangirlish ways. Plus, I have a *fangirl* pin on my bag that I carry my lap top in. I display it proudly!

mysteries: The books. The concept. I just love the hunt. It's the ... hunt! I don't know how else to explain it. I love puzzles, so maybe it's all connected too. I write mainly mysteries (ya know, the non-fan fic stories I try to do). I love seeing how things are connected. I have my second minor in Criminal Justice and I love bugging</strike> asking the police about ongoing investigations - ok so it's more of a perk to being a reporter. But I'd love to be a detective - for now, I have my characters living my dream life... If I could merge writing and crime detecting I'd be in heaven - Oh wait, that's why I write novels!!

photography: This is really because it's half of my job, but also because I really do like being behind the camera and snap a pic. I am saving/asking for a Nikon D-40 camera for birthday/Christmas so I can have my own digital beauty and take pics with. I love seeing the things people over look - fields of blue bonnets, the way the railroads intersect with the beams, how all around my town there are these old, bronze, horse hitches... which I still need to photograph.

stargate atlantis: You mean this isn't obvious? LOL!! oh man... When this came on, as a spin off, I was just like "ok, let's see what this one is like" - and now I think TPTB have all spared their lives since we can now enjoy this portion of the fandom still anew. The characters are close to the SG-1, but they have their own dynamics. Their own voice. They are truly a separate, sustainable show. I am happy they are entering into their 4th season, even so I don't agree with what they have done in the past... I hop on the train every week to ride the adventure!!!

stargate sg-1: the utter DRUG of choice in my house. *shakes head* I've seen every ep (like a good fangirl), I have gone to 2 (in Nov. 3, and then in May 4) cons. I have one of the big posters that flank the stages at the con with MS, CJ, DSD, TR, PW and I am sure one or two more sigs. I'd never give it up. I'd build a house so I could finally display it. I got my family into SG-1. I have lots of RL friends who know not to call on Fri. because I am not going to answer - I am watching MY show. It's the adventure of all sci-fi and it made this girls heart crack in two to watch Unending. I literally was non-funcional the week that Sci-Fi announced they were canceling the show. It is the first show that got me into ships. It's the show that opened the door to fanfic, icons, wallpaper, my utter need to get new software to do my fannish desires. It's the show I fought with my dad with because he DARED to question my fanficing. It's the show that I found my *family* through - and have been able to stay in contact, and enjoy the ride since S7 with. I'd never give up my DVDs. It's my "gate"way drug into full on sci-fi-fangirl-dom. *reminds self to make icon of this*

Yup! so now, if you comment... I can pick 6 things you list as interests.. or just let me know if you don't want to do this! *finishes lunch and goes back to work*

My new baby...

Ok so ya'll have been waiting and asking about pics of my new baby - points to icon - sorry for the bad pics, they have been taken by my camera phone, and not in the best light.

She was born on July 4, so here is 2 from 7/11:
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Look how she has grown so big!!! We think her eyes are green... at the moment they are too dark to really tell, but sometimes when she glances away you can see a bit of green. *huggles my baby - lightly* She still isn't eating on her own, and she needs help to potty, but she is being weened off being pampered... but who can say no to such a cute face??
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