August 14th, 2007


*points all about*

A new layout for me! Weeee! It's so pretty, but I am seriously not liking that I managed to screw it up somehow this morning. I am hoping I have my codes still up on my laptop and maybe get my side bar <--- fixed, cause I liked having my quote there. Who can't love the reference to Family Guy made by the awesome Daniel Jackson on SG-1? *nods* I thought so.

So ya. Need to really crack down and make new mood themes, cause I really am not liking the ones I did when I first got here. They are big, and chunky and just awkward, not pretty at all. I started a while back ago and am up to a whooping... 3 new moods icons. Weee. Also have been browsing around and have been looking how some people have different symbols for the little LJ user/LJ community things, and want some cute ones.

Hmmm... I think I have effectively figured out how to fill my day without doing much work. *yes* ALSO - and most importantly, I am counting down the hours/minutes/seconds to when I can get my Gabit ticket!!!! *jumps up and down wildly* LONDOON!!!!!!!!


And the squee was heard around the world!!

I'm going to Gabit!!!!!!! AAAHHHHAHAHAHAH!!!

Ordered my tickets at 11:40 (17:40) - my bad for not checking right at 11 - was distracted by how to improve our town discussion.

But ya'll - I'm going to LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*runs and dies because she can't belive it*