August 15th, 2007


My new baby... Is HOME!!

Aw man, what a time for me to not find my camera cord!! I brought home the bundle of fur that is currently streaking (on cute, unstable legs) around my livingroom and her big sister, Isis, is kind of chasing her - too precious!!!

Aset has found she is tiny enough to fit under my recliner, so she is hiding under there and Isis is desperately trying to get under there. She can kind of fit under there but she is still bigger then Aset. And it's cute to see Isis play with here. So far I am trying to not to get involved, cause even so Isis seems to be playing a bit rough with her, but I am letting her be, since Aset can defend herself. After all, she still has claws and can make noise...

But it is cute to see Isis stalk her!!! Is that cruel? I think it's because she is so frisky at the moment... but what ever it is, she isn't hissing, so that's good. And she is definantly interested in this new fur thing in the house!!

I just found my cord... so Collapse )
Yeah!!!! Thanks flist and friends for seeing the pic!spam!!! of the furry kind!!! *huggles kitties*