August 20th, 2007


[FIC] Water

OMT - Squee! a fic that isn't like forced out of my head! I just kinda sat down, summoned my muse for the time spent, and we produced fic! The A/N really says it all... Unbetaed, raw, nice new shiny fic, and all about ... water.

I am also taking up my Stargate100 fic promps again now that I am carving time out for them. I feel bad for letting them just sit in the little box of doom... so look for more of those soon too.

Author: Chris4Short
Rated: G
Spoilers: None
Season: 10 or 11
Summery: Worries are best left in the water.
A/N: Because I don’t have enough Sam-centric fics…

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