August 23rd, 2007


Work it Off!

Well I could say I am utterly depressed that I am gaining a lot of weight... and it really wouldn't be far from the truth... But it's my own damn fault so really, what do I have to get depressed about? That's right, nothing.

So since I have 85 or so more days til Burbank, and 8 months til London, I figure if I kick my own ass, I can loose if not all, most of it for Burbank. Not that I looked bad last year, but for my own health and mental attitude, I need to look better. Really it's become more of a health thing. Being 4'7" doesn't exactly give you a lot of room to put the pounds on before things start hurting. And I think that's why my back is hurting so much again.

So today I did what I hope is a daily thing - if not a everyother day thing. But really, I need help. Flist! I need some kicking of the butt - but I know a few of you *ani* will do more then a swift kick. I don't need my insides rearranged, thanks! But a buddy is always good to modivate you, ya?

I plan on walking around the block next to me. I don't exactly live on a "block" more like houses and a dirt road and then another row of buildings... forming a small block. ok so it's a block. work with me! It took me maybe 15 min to walk the block, and I stopped and talked to one of the ladies who lives at the motel (yes, people live at the motels here in town)... it was painless - well i was a bit sore - and quite enjoyable. I had called Mom but she didn't answer, so I walked in silence... I need to grab my mp3 player and load some of these awesome songs I have on here (my comp)....

so. Day 1 of walk, and making of tea, watching what I eat.... almost complete... I haven't *exactly* had dinner yet. My tummy is saying a 180 calorie ice cream bar isn't doing dinner. *blush* i had to do something to reward myself!

ok off too watch more tv - i have been private dancing to my iTunes and my cats are now asleep - mission accomplished!
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