August 28th, 2007


Enemies and Lovers - Prompts 22, 23

Title: It Wasn't Her
Pair: Sam Carter (in the form of RepliCarter mostly)/Daniel Jackson
Prompt: 22. Enemies
Spoilers: Threads (S8)
Words: 117
Summery: RepliCarter tests Daniel.
A/N: This is very simular to my Illustrated fic, She Is Not Her

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Title: Secret Longing
Pair: Sam Carter/Daniel Jackson
Prompt: 23. Lovers
Spoilers: None
Words: 270
Summery: Unsaid word for real longings... but will it happen?

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Song for the broken

Just got some new CDs, and Beth Orton was one of the ones I had ordered from Amazon. She has this wonderful voice... and so I was watching Aset slide off my couch (she is so funny) I figured I'd share the love, esspecially since a few of you on my flist are kinda going through things.

Beth Orton's Pass In Time (I sure hope this works, I have never sent anything via sendspace/uploading music before... let me know if there is a problem with it)
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