September 7th, 2007


To my fellow fighters

Wednesday was a normal day, very pretty and hot here in Central Texas. However the sun and heat were shattered when I got not one, but two calls concerning a fellow vol. firefighters' brother over in Iraq.

The first call was a whisper, and that was enough to make me pause. The second was clear as day and I was inches to crying.

If you have any family, friends, passer-byers or what not who are in any of the services, in any country - PLEASE let them know they are supported beyond what you may personally believe. They volunteered to do something so we don't have to! I know a few of you on my flist have military in their families - my deepest prayers and wishes go to you and them who are fighting.

To a fallen (and not forgotten soldier), my friend's big brother, and a unit's buddy
William "billy" Warford III, US Army, 1st Calvery
September 13, 1983 - September 5, 2007
Hit by an explosive in Balad

He and another soldier were killed

GOD Bless our troops. Come home soon. "Look after the sheep."

I am now off to the office to write an article about this fallen hero. Please pray for Crystal (his sister), his wife and family, and his parents.