September 14th, 2007



Dear Publisher (aka Bossman),

I can not be at two places at once. I can not be taking on YOUR hairbrained project, even so it's brilliant. Do not criticize the way I am handling said project on a FRIDAY when you yourself are out of the office all day selling ads.

Please tell your Managing Frakin Editor, to do something to help me. Some suggestions are: When he hears the phone ring, and our secretary/bookkeeper is out/doing something, DON'T assume I will pick it up;  Relay messages for me in a timely fashion - if he insists on writing it, please make it legeable so I am not asking 20 questions on who called and what they wanted.

I do not want to move to the desk closer to the front. I do not want to be the one who would be FORCED therefore to speak and deal with the crazy folks who come in. I already do enough to make my brain hurt. I do not want to hand my stuff off to the Managing Editor so HE can file something in some online file for some unknown reason.

By the way, thanks for getting the phone - even so it ended up for me.

I don't know what to do, and I am feeling once more like a peon and should just go with the flow.

Do not worry, I will not leave or quite. I have too much vested in this newspaper, town and too much integrity to leave you stranded to do my work. Sue me. It was how I was raised. I will however, let you know I do not want to be up front, and do not think it's fair to give the Managing Editor more responsibilities. This is the largest staff this paper has had in YEARS, and we need to work amongst ourselves how best our paper will run, regardless of what the Publication who owns us says. We don't need to change something that ain't broke.

Sincerely, Just the Staff Writer,

P.S. I do, however, appreciate it when you ask me how to opperate your Mac. Now, this could just be because Managing Frakin Editor is busy, but still, I appreciate you asking me.
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