September 18th, 2007



Ok so I am waaaaaay behind the curve in movies - but I am finishing lunch and watching Cars. OH MY GOSH!!! It's like the best movie EVER!!! OMG it's too cute and too funny!!

SUV boot camp!! LOLOLOL

Ok back to doing dishes and back to the office.
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I'm so in a special hell...

Ok, it's 5:05, and I am leaving work... i swear! But I am working on the next installment of the Ronon/Vala fic... thanks to Jessica who I am IM'ing atm. So here is the latest bit of our conversation - but first, some background.

Jessica is working on a S/D fic that will have some smut in it. You know them, they take like forever to get to the good parts. Well Sam is hurt, Daniel being gentle... I'll let ya'll read the fic - it's so good so far! She hopes to be puting it somewhere soon. *pokes her* So we are talking about alien/alien smut. I bring up Ronon/Tayla and then Vala/Teal'c... and:

Jessica: you are a hot alien on alien sex addict
Jessica: lol
Me: jerry springer will be calling me next
Jessica: lol
Me: "yes Jerry I AM addicted to hot sci-fi alien sex! It's just so undenyable!!!"
Me: "You don't lknow me! You don't know how hot it is in my tiny brain when they are on the screen and making little gestures!"
Jessica: lol! i can see it now
Me: "Its like hot scientists making out in the storage closet!"
Me: "It's soooooo TRUE!!!!"
Jessica: oh yea
Jessica: cant deny it