September 25th, 2007


Highs and Lows

Since I haven't done a High and Low post in a while... so much for the once a week update. Let's do a quick run through (if anyone cares)...

* As much as I hate my work computer, I am glad it at least lets me run Y!IM and now MSN messanger. I'd be petrified bored half the time. The down side is that only a few people are on, and most of them are at work, so we entertain each other, but usually quickly are distracted. Not that I mind, but well, sometimes a good unterrupted conversation.
* Last night I updated my personal website with more fic (that was originally posted here)... but I am validating why I have a personal website that I pay yearly for, right? I hope a few people still go there and stuff. It's here if you'd like to see it.
* I got a Marlin Volunteer Fire Department shirt. Yes it's stupid, and minor, but I now feel very official. Last fire meeting we even found some boots that fit (sorta big, but fire boots are not knonw for their comfy status) so now it's off to find pants - then I'd have complete gear since at the moment I just have a turnout coat. And a pair of gloves that don't fit... but if they want to make me more of the eyes of the operation (spotting and keeping up with everyone on scenes, especially fires) I'm cool with that.
* Got my car brakes fixed for $217!! I was expecting it to be horrid. One more thing done with the car.. and i think I am done. New battery, new brakes... would like to get the crushed rear bumper indent I had put in there done... but hell, that's comsetic. My car still looks better then 50% of the cars here in Marlin.

* I'm sick. Everyone says it's allergies. I am saying it's a cold. My thermomiter needs a new battery so I don't know if i have a fever or not. Last night i swear I did. And once more I forgot my sweater at home... because I get chills at work.
* Work is unusually busy. Or maybe I don't remember last year like I think I do. I don't know if it's because of school, or football, or just because Denton isn't laying out pages (or enough of them) on Friday. But I am out at things every weekend (this weekend I am booked again) and coming in to drop off my pics or a story and then on Monday everyone is scrambling around. I am left twiddling my thumbs half of Monday because no one gives me pages to proof anymore. So i do my own writing.
* On the personal and oh so idiotic level, my muse came back, and she demanded to wite smut. Vala/Ronon smut. Twice. So I did, but only my friend who i was discussing plot bunnies read/reviewed. I am sitting here reminding myself that we writers write for ourselves, no to be praised. But who doesn't like the ego stroked? Like I said, a ver petty low which shouldn't even be on here...

Well I think that's about it... wow, less lows then I thought. Always a good thing. Well I'm gonna go back and blow on my tea to cool it down. My day is semi-busy with reshooting pics, and a luncheon at 12 regarding Meals on Wheels. Whoopy.