September 28th, 2007



i got let go today. i am weepin, and a cryin too. and quoting a play i was in. i'm ok, calm as i can be considering. called mom, she said what i knew she would - we have room, bring yourself home and your kitties, we will be ok. *tears up again*

dad said he was sorry too, he's in a meeting. i now start back on my journey of the unemployeed. thand GOD i didn't purchase my tickets for burbank cause now I am most deffinantly not going. i have the ticket paid for for London, and i will go, damn it. i'll tell my next employer that it is planned and i need the vacation, so there.

ok. well since i have decided to be professional about all this, i am gonna finish my duties that a normal Friday offers, and bow out.

at least i can go with some references in my hand.
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    the tears falling on my desk
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