October 3rd, 2007


Hey hey!

Hey team... I'm on a "mini-vacation" in Georgetown/Austin Texas. I'm tagging along with my friend who is down here for probation training... fun fun. So I sent off a resume to a Georgetown paper... and hope they like and call me. I am here til Friday.

Tomorrow afternoon I am going back into Austin (eek!) to have a Mac Tech look at my Mac. I was downloading some software to watch an .avi (it's never worked for me) and i think I may have screwed my computer up a bit. Opps. I figured, no big deal and i powered everything down, brought it back up... and nothing works. I get my desktop background up, my little navigator on the bottom and sometimes (i've started it up several times) the top (battery light, clock....) comes up and can be seen, but my apps don't work. and when i try, it always quits. dang. So we shall see.... I hopt it's nothing too much $$$... but you do what you need to do so one can continue to do ones business...

Ok i can't breathe and need ot blow my nose. frakin cold!