October 5th, 2007


I'm home

I'm home! *huggles kitties* Man. Tammy and I blew through $400 at Target (combined, NOT each) I have some CUTE shirts, and a new purse! It's black with pink ribbing and just too girly-cute!

I'm glad my cats are socalizing with me... I forgot (and Tammy too) to leave a key for Angie (Tammy's roommate) so she could get into my house. Oops. So I did leave food and water out, but the poor babies have been drinking water like it's out of style. *loves on babies more* All in all? Awesome vacation. Minus the whole computer being wacky (now running 10.4.somethingwithouttheupdatesyet) Very nice.

Ok, on with my TV and relaxing... oh hey, Stargate FRIDAY!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!!
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