October 8th, 2007


It's just a bit of Moonlight, babe

Ok, well seeing as i am still on the path to no job, I am spending my time finally figuring this torrent thing. I must say, I have found 2 sites that I can download and stuff from and I am really loving this! I am able to (well not like instantly or anything) watch these past and recent TV shows, and I am thinking why I never got the hang of it before now... because I am slow, folks... and I had a job which made me slower... moving on.

So I downloaded the new CBS show "Moonlight" - I had gotten the first ep free on iTunes and somehow deleted it. Oops. So I had to download ep 1 cause I had downloaded ep 2... ya. So finally wached them and OMG, it is soooo on my DVR list. I can't believe that someone thinks up these shows ... where do i find that job?

So the premise is: Mick St. John (cutie) is a PI, with a small secret. He's a Vampire - yup that along had me hook, line and sinker. He is a good guy, and had a case that had changed everything for him back in g '85, which seems to haunt him. I'll not give anything away, besides, ya'll should watch if you like Vamps with a twist, and reporters who are almost believable.

Also, watched eps 2-4 of "Sanctuary" and OMG! I so need to finish downloading the rest of what I bought and go and just purchuse the rest of the season. This online only show is just killing me with the graphics, storyline, Amanda Tapping and her cute new Doctor side kick. I can see why so many of you *glances at Rowan* want to do fan fics... Interesting characters, awesome landscapes... monsters!

So, I guess so far I am having a Sci-fi Monday... off to watch the first few eps of S1 of Torchwood - I found a download of the first season!! WEEEE!!!
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