October 14th, 2007


A day early...

A few birthdays...

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Happy birthday to Gwen (teddibear... her birthday is today! Hope you have fun with your friends, family and boyfriend!! Have a blast at Burbank!! Due to me loosing my job, I can't afford Burbank now this year. :( And I think only Nicole (trisana) will be coming. Darn money and job issues!!! Hope you have a awesome day today!! *hugs*

And a day early birthday wishes to the lovely Nicole herself. I hope you too can find a great job, and get that drivers license!!! I'll call sometime tomorrow (most likely evening if I get the chance).... and you can catch me up on all the news! *hugs to you my AU sis*

ICONS (and awards page updated)

Well flist, I am so excited that Stargate Hush is back and running. I missed my Stargate so! And I didn't do to badly! *points to new User Pic* I also uploaded a new one for CSI:NY incase you wanna look.

1 2 3
4 5 6

So I got banners for 1 and 3 (Third Place and Mod's Choice respectively) and 4 and 5 (Third Place and First Place respectively).... weee!! And next challenge looks like tons of fun too!
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