October 15th, 2007



Today marks the one year anniversary a small little orange tabby stepped foot in my apartment. That scared girl was a stray, had found a temporary home on the porch of a friend, only to realize dogs are not really sweet animals who are just curious in knowing what is new on their porch. They are scary creatures. But finally she found a new owner, and her sweet personality and bright orange eyes lit up when she found out she was the ONLY pet in the whole house.

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And then this princess of a cat grew. She became bigger, bigger, taller, taller and her opinion on new people coming into her house became quite cattish. She wasn't too sure of new people unless they came a few times and mom introduced them. Mom became to be everything, and the orange tabby would wait by the door for her mom to come home after a hard day at work.

She is happy now, and hardly thinks of a time when her bowl wasn't full, she didn't have wet food almost every day, and wasn't just spoiled rotten complete with a new baby sister. She meows happily, purrs when mom pets her just so, and has realized that when Aunt Tammy or Aunt Angie are around, a strange red dot comes out to play more often. And perhaps mom's parents aren't that bad at all. She still wonders about the new baby sister thought.

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Happy homecoming, Isis!!! >^.^
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Christmas List!!

Ok since it seems to be "fashionable" to be gathering addys and names this early for Christmas Cards, I figure I'd post my own request.

So if you want a Christmas Card from mua, please either email me your addy (autopsygirl99[at]yahoo[dot]com) or comment (will be screened) here. Just a little master list so when I get around to doing cards/yearly update letter, you will be getting one!