October 23rd, 2007


Being Rodney McKay - Updated! (and life)

Ok folks, Chapter 7 is up... it is a WIP, so I know many people don't read WIPs... so I don't know really when you can read the finished version. The muse isn't really cooperating at the moment... she is on a vacation me thinks, BUT I did manage to work on some of my (many) non-fanfic fictions... so that's progress. I got a whole paragraph out of her before the strain was too much and she fled. Wuss.

Chapter 1 of Being Rodney McKay is here.

Work front
Or still lack thereof. I did fill out the unemployment papers online. EEP! So now I have to go to the unemployment office, convenantly down the road, like less then 2 blocks, from the house. Marlin may be itty bitty, but it sure does have it's own unemployment office... I wonder what that says about the town? *shrugs*

My friends and I have decided to try our hand (my hand since I am the writer... why do i get roped into these things?) at making a newsletter to "suplement" the Marlin Democrat. We will have the Crime, the Fire and Court news that doesn't get in the paper (because they are too lazy don't get updates from the PD/FD)... so last night we heard (surprise surprise) about juveniles breaking into the old school and stuff. the Police (surprise surprise) didn't catch them. So that will be in the newsletter. Also tonight our paid fire department and our volunteer fire chiefs are going to be grilled by the city council. Who know why. So that should be interesting to listen to.

But on the JOB front, sending out a few more resumes today, and sent a "hope you got my clips, i really, really want to work for you" email to Temple yesterday. The Sheriff's office hasn't called, but if I can get some money from unemployment (they said like in 1-2 weeks) I can hang on.

I found some cool recipes to make cookie dough. STOP.THE.WORLD. I don't cook, I'm not very keen on just making things from scratch (even so once i do it/find a recipe, I'm all about doing it again)... but this is such a cute idea!! Don't be surprised if each one of you gets one. It's cool, crafty and creative... hmmm sounds like anyone we all know? heheh... moving on.

My uncle. My Gosh why did I forget to update this yesterday? He has pancreatic cancer and is in the hospital on pain control only at the moment. This past weekend he really went down hill. The drs. found that the cancer is now on the outside of his pancreas and is inching its way toward a major artery, and his stomach. His two sons by my aunt are not living with them - one is finishing Law School (or just another semester, I am not sure), and the other is in Asia somewhere learning... um... business - so my aunt told mom (her sister) that she is afraid to call her younger son (in Asia) too soon. It's such a nightmare and my aunt has to deal with it on her own pretty much. The good thing is she still is teaching (she's a pretty well known English "professor" in Karlsrhue, Germany) but it's still a lot to deal with.

The cancer will kill him, and as mom said yesterday, she wanted to call me and tell me so that if the next call is "Harry is dead" it will not be a shocker (unlike Oma's death but that was a sudden thing anyway). So, I ask for PRAYERS/thoughts for the latest cancer to be able to be operated on, or if not, he recovers from this (or a total healing miracle and it goes away - I believe it can happen) or at the very least pain control. Apparently he already had someone call my aunt to say "good bye" to her since the pain was just too much even in the hospital. At this rate, I may go to Germany after spending some time in London in May.

Mom called after I posted this, and said Harry, my uncle, is very weak, and one of my cousins came home (from Law school) and they can't reach her other son. Mom is washing her blacks and is looking for flights. It looks like he may die in the hospital sometime... ga! They said he is too weak to be transported back home - would die enroute. *sigh* So please pray that they can get his youngest son home in time, and his two older kids (from a previous marriage) can also see him. Thanks team!

And i think that's it.. the cats are good, spastic as ever, and are now both alseep. It's FINALLY fall here in Texas, and I had the windows cracked during the day, and over night it dropped to 53F in my living room. I'm in a sweater and looking for my other slipper Aset must have hidden. Ok, now that's it. Go enjoy fic, I will work on more, and um... ya! *huggles flist*