October 24th, 2007


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My uncle passed around 5am (German time)/ 12am (My time). Thank you for everyone's thoughts and prayers. Mom is searching for a flight to go on Thursday and stay 3 weeks.

They did get ahold of Patrick, the one in Asia, and he told Harold (his dad) good-bye over the phone. Harri was so weak he couldn't talk back, but Eri (my aunt) made sure he understood who was on the phone. So he is coming home.

Please pray for my aunt, the first widow in our family. She will need her two younger sisters more then ever, and this coming after Oma's passing some 4 almost 5 years ago, and she usually takes care (making sure everything is ok) of Opa.

I still can't believe it. But part of me is greatful it happened so fast.
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