November 1st, 2007



I'm watching Torchwood, ep 11, Combat, and they have the "Crazy Frog" as a ring tone in the ep!! *goes to own phone and loves on "Crazy Frog"

I'll do a right proper update in a moment... I'm watching me show.


Well, it's finally November and that means one thing (ok several, but let's focus on one at the moment, shall we?) I will be celebrating the day when the snow fell and the air became a bit crisper, the world suddenly got a bit weirder and some say more enlightened. It was a day when the daughter of two wonderful parents was birthed and their joyful (yet disturbing) journey to parenthood started.

All that to say: 25 more days and I will be celebrating my 27th birthday! I'm not vain about my age - I am very proud that I lasted this long! Several reasons, and several things from my early childhood (namely a few surgeries when I was a baby) are all for me not being here. But alas, I defied doctors and am here! Hello World!

The other things: Thanksgiving! My favorite (and most overlooked) holiday. Now it's not only because I am a Thanksgiving Baby, but it's just... FALL! It's the one time, save Christmas, that the whole family pauses and gives thanks to all who have helped them survive another year. Be it Family, Friends, or a little help from Above, we all have something to be Thankful for!

Thirdly: It's the start of my second month of unemployment. Bugger. I received an email from the Roswell paper asking me if I was still interested in being considered for their Police/Court beat. The person they hired didn't work out. I emailed back saying yes I would like to be still considered (no, not really, but it's a job) and that several people have been interviewing me, and waiting for responses. We shall see, now won't we? The place in CA never did send me the app over the net, so maybe CA isn't an option. No word from the OK place, but that's ok, I would say no anyway. We are not a good match. Temple is still advertising new spots, but I haven't heard anything back. I need to send my resume off to several other places I have found.

Ah, Denise, I found that MD is looking for a new publisher. I guess it got too much for Don C. oh well. People have been telling me the paper sucks lately and they are not really following it as closely anymore. Too bad. Granite is looking for several other positions around their papers. Shame it was a good company. But they have lost this writer. I will not work for a paper or company like that.

My unemployment was approved! I can start collecting next week. I don't know how much it is, but I can pinch pennies when I need to. I'm not too worried. If I need to, and we find out JJ (my friends are living in his house) is staying over seas for a second year, I can move in with them (rent free, baby!)... For now, I am thankful that it's getting cooler, and I have cut off the AC for 2 weeks, and just spot heating the house (mainly in my bedroom) it's not as cold as it was last week, but it's Texas, and Texas weather can change in a heartbeat.

Oh, I didn't go trick -or- treating yesterday (but have candy... hey, I'm a chocolaholic, what can I do when it's on sale?) but did dress up! It's under the cut since it's a big pic.... Collapse )

I'm also sorting through gifts I have been collecting all year and cards have been bought too for some family members... fun! I never start for Christmas this early! I also bought 2 presents for mom last weekend when I was up in Dallas.

So... November. The second to last month in a year. And my favorite! All you who live in places where leaves turn (aka you have 4 distinct seasons) please take a pic for me! I miss my leave so very much!! (better yet, if you know of a newspaper that needs a reporter, and you live in one of those areas, give me a halla)

*smooch to my flist*