November 19th, 2007



Ok, so it's *countdown* 6 more days till my birthday *mini happy dance* and I still don't have a real job (no for me Movie Gallery isn't "real" cause hello, it's not what I will be doing 'til I'm 90) and not really one on the way. I do, however, need to chill and send out more resumes. I get to exahausted in the whole sending them out that I don't do it every day, week... every other week.... Haven't heard back from Roswell Daily, so I don't know. I hate not knowing!

Right, back to a happy subject. My birthday! I've gotten two lovely cards (thank you vixen_logic and starbuck1980 with ana_khouri) and am sure more is on the way... yes I am very optimistic. :) So, because I love you and my friends all over, I want to set up a worldwide ME chat... I mean a "spend a day with Chris" chat... ya. Since I have no clue what I will be doing on my Birthday, nor the days around Thanksgiving, and because most of ya'll have time on the weekends rather than the days, I was wondering if you wanted to set up a chat for that next Saturday, December 1. (eep!) - It's on the same vain as starbuck1980's chat in May for her birthday. Because it was a blast and I like stealing borrowing ideas... I figured I'd offer.

Ok, let's end it with a mini rant(with a happy ending): I ordered charms online, and they came today (weee) except that they were not exactly what I had in mind. Crap. $27 down the tube(ish) so I than had a brilliant flash: I have an online store... they are more like scrapbooking charms than bracelet charms... me sell! So ya. We shall see.

OH! And my friends (ok, I technically bought it cause it was my credit card used) a PS2 with this SingingStar thing... it's a special edition PS2... yadda yaddda. So that was like tons of fun. It's like karaoke but you get to watch the video too... well more like watch the words. But it grades you on how well your tone/pitch and high notes are. So ya... I didn't do so bad, nothing that someone would want to think i have a new talent, but it was a blast. So when I went to WallyWorld to get the rest of my car radio set (mine is on the fritz) I found this other game I had been looking at. It's like Dance Dance Revolution (which I'd soooo kill to have it looks and is so fun!) but it uses your hands... and the kit has the little camera thingy. So even so I don't have a PS2 (once they pay me, which they will, damn) I can still set it up and play when they are gone (insert evil laugh) - it's all part of my evil plan to be thin and fit. So far not doing too well with it, but am working on it.

Ah, and because I just am sOOOOO rich, I upgraded my LJ to a paid membership - just so I can have the 100+ icons. Yes I am dumb. But look at the shinies I can put with my posts now! *points to new icon and new icons in journal*