November 26th, 2007


My Birthday...

was made way bright because of all of you!!! THANK YOU *huggles flist*

Yesterday was a nice relaxing day of waking up to find my parents gone, the house to myself (i'm in Dallas for the weekend) and a few emails and flisters already posting! It was really nice.

I had already treated myself to this last ep of Moonlight - since the parents don't have local channels, I had to dl the ep. OMG. poor Ani asked me to write my reactions while I was watching it, and I think I may have scared her a bit... but wow what an ep!!!

So Mom, Dad and I went to the Dollar Movie theatre and saw "Ratatouille" - the cutest thing ever!! I don't think I have seen a bad movie from Pixar yet. Such talent! So we went back home and Dad cooked the Salmon we had picked out the day before and Mom made potato salad and Deviled Eggs... YUM! Sadly no cake this year, but alas, the sugar cookies were very good.

Presents were awesome. Got this way cute cat calendar, some bath soap things (they smell so good I thought I could eat them at first - hey it was all in German!), German chocolate, a pad of paper (always a hit with us writers) and cards. I even got a card from my cats... with money in it. Errr... I told mom that was nice that my cats gave me money that was probably mine anyway... It was a blast.

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