November 28th, 2007



Well.. jobs.

Things have picked up! *small victory dance* I had two job offers - one I turned down this morning because it was not only a step back in pay, it was a step back in time. Who uses PCs in the newsroom? Who doesn't paginate on the computer? Who prints the layout and pastes it on a storyboard anymore!?!?! OLD SKOOL! So ya, even so it would be another weekly, in a place like Marlin - NOTHING is *like* Marlin... but this place was close - I had to think about the whole moving up the ladder, and that was a tad anti-climbing... to say the least.

So Roswell is hanging on a thread and I want to clip it, but Dad said to at least ride out the week, since if nothing else surfaces, at least I can begrudgingly take it. Ya. Ok. It's so not an option it passed away like last week...

BUT now we have another job interview to look forward to on Friday. It's a paper in Marble Falls (2 hrs from Marlin to the West) and it's a bi-weekly, more pay *finally*, booming slowly (Emma! you can finally visit if I get this - they have a STARBUCKS NEXT TO THE PAPER!!! - sadly I don't think they would consider me going to Starbucks a company expense. damn.), and just a really good move UP!

So sent the clips like twice because I don't know how savvy the guy is when it comes to technology - or it could have been my clumbsy fingers always deleting the emails and thinking i set them... and on Friday I am driving there in the morning to interview. Than I can look at apartments because when moving from one small place to another, doesn't mean shit.

So. YEAH!! Movement!! Prayers/wishes/whatever is really needed - Of course no one likes to look for a new job, but in this tight market and field, things are always in demand if you got the goods. I hope I have the goods.

*positive thinking* I RULE THE NEWS BABY!!!


Now back to your regularly scheduled postings...
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