December 1st, 2007


World-wide Chat

So seeing as I totally just blanked on ever updating ya last night - I was very tired - I am up now! If you'd like to chat I shall be av available!

Now who doesn't like a chat room char? Right! So I am nosey and it looks like everyone is on a different chat client. :( So, maybe a poll cause than I can choice which client to use for the majority, and still be available for the others who don't have that one...

Do you have a user name on...
Yahoo IM
OR All three

Since my poll abilities aparently suck, please comment

Dear Flist...

Seeing as Dear Santa would have been more appropriate... but unless Santa snuck on my flist, I shall post the Christmas wish list to my flisters.

Collapse )
Um i better stop before I think of something else! Really, I love gifts, so anything is awesome!

If you need my address, comment, and I will let ya know. I may even flock my addy soon.