December 5th, 2007


Once more, fire.

Last night I was up til 2a.m. working a structure fire. This time, Majestic Movie and Tanning burned. It was a family owned movie rental place, and the owner is one of our EMS workers and all of us know very well.

I was at my friends house when we heard the fire department called out to Majestic's and we were just going to go and watch (we are fire junkies) when the VFD was paged out, so we went to the station instead and took Engine 6 out. We got there and layed hose from a hydrent to the blaze down the hill. Now this isn't very far from my house, so I hiked up the hill and got the camera - yes i had my friends camera finally.

So a few pics -

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This is from the back of the video store, where the blaze was mostly eating the roof after the other firefighters (paid city firefighters) pulled out and let the fire basically get out of control a bit.

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Two of us (VFD) spraying down the blaze.

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Once more us putting the wet stuff on the red stuff on the side of the building - where the tanning beds were housed.

The blaze was so hot. The night was so cold. Thankfully we had the rehab van out so toward the end we all were getting drinks and sitting down. Since we didn't think of the possibility we would have to be out there as back up, i never grabbed my gear our of my car, but did have a sweater, which once the wind whipped up did little. Thank goodnes for heaters!!

I think we will have some problems with some of the new city fire fighters - one kept coming around and asking who came in what vehicle and where all the people are now. Well, I don't fight fires (but am working on getting bunker pants cause I want to do also structure fires, maybe not go in, but fight on the outside, and some of us were backing up by being water carriers. Basically he was rude and really not very nice.

It's odd going down the road and seeing the movie store as a black rubble. I'll have to take a pic of that. So sad. Soon Marlin will really be a ghost town.