December 17th, 2007



Well I have received a few Christmas cards so far, and have heard that most of my packages have arrived safely. I still need to finish my batch of cards and get them out. I hope with about a week left they will get to you all soon(ish) and ya... well, mail is mail is how i look at it!

This past weekend has been... interesting. It started Saturday when I had to work during a good portioin of the MVFD Christmas Party (aka firefighters and EMS get together with drinks... lots of drinks) I got there about 9:15, and found most of my friends already drinking and a some a bit tipsy... but none as far gone already as one Eric Nutt. I had the misfortune of sitting next to him. Well by the time I came alone he had already drunk 1/4 of a bottle of Jack Daniels (EEWWW) and was still going at it.

Well, I'll fast forward, and put it this way: we have video of his drunken state.... (all vids taken by Tammy my good friend)
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All in all, fun was had! Eric made himself the fool and there is now pics of him plastered everywhere on MySpace (ok so us who know him)... and now on YouTube... there is more than one way to be famous!!!

And so Sunday came and I woke up with a slight headache (only 1/2 a beer, but was already feeling bad when i went to bed) and i had to go to work, work on my own for 4 hours... managed to do ok. Than joined Tammy and Angie at a BBQ place... really really good.... and go back to their house to exchange presents.

For Tammy I got a nice thermal like shirt in sage and gray stripes, really cute. And Angie I got a orange vase since orange is her favorite color. They love it, and give me my present. I open it and it's a mp3 player sock thing, really cute. Oh thanks! where the hell is my mp3 player? now i have to find it... so Tammy asks me to help her with the dogs (they are the ones with a mini zoo at 6 dogs, 2 cats... and ya) so I get up and am entering the kitchen when she hands me this other box.

I look at it, and it's small. Slowly I am realizing what this is, and I look at Angie who I am standing next to and than Tammy and back at it, and i'm like... zomg! I give em each a massive hug cause they got me...


Holy hannah!!! I really still can't believe it so many hours later!!! I took it out, looked at it, and put it back in it's case... the bad thing is I am gonna try to exchange the iPod socks cause it's too big for the one they got me. but if not, that's cool, cause hell I have an old mp3 player i can use it on, or even to protect my new toy! I told them that it most likely will be the best present I get from my family (cause hell I practically live with them) and ZOMG!! They really shouldn't have!!

It's so cute!!! I'll have to take a pic (because like ya'll've never seen one before *rolls eyes at self*) and show it!