December 19th, 2007


To the Vet's we go...

Well, flist, my dear Aset has been dropped off at the Vet to get declawed and fixed. She'll be 6months next month, and figure it's about that time... I came home with out her and Isis kind of looked at me and followed me, meowing questions (common i know what she is saying, she's my baby!) and so i told her Aset would be back tomorrow, *meow* = why? because she is getting the same thing you had last year. *meeow* = oh. Don't worry, she will be back soon. *tail swish* I swear she looks up the stairs, in the kitchen, around the living room for her Sister. I feel sorry for my Isis. I do miss my baby, but I know she will be coming home better... and i'll be able to tend to her before Christmas.

*bites lip* my baby is growing up....
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