December 20th, 2007


movie rec.

omt i just finished one of the best movies i have seen in a while - rent "something the lord made"

it's based on a true story of the first cardiac surgery ever done. the team was a dr. and a black man who had a fantastic way of learning the body and than surgery. they pioneered the way on "blue babies" who was born with hearts that had a hole in them, causing the blood to not be fully oxygenated by the lungs, turning the babies a blue color. this team worked at johns hopkins in the 30s and 40s, making leaps in medicine that no one else had done, and had made an impact on surgery today.

i cried at the end, and i think the reason why it touched me so much was because i am here today only because this team was brave enough, was curious enough, and had the pause to question aged old ways of not touching the heart. i had open heart surgery at 18 months, and i owe my life to dr. alfred blalock and dr. vivian thomas.

get this movie and see it. it has alan rickman (of harry potter fame) and mos def (who is a splended actor)... this will just touch your very heart with this true story.

ps i would use proper punctuation and all but seeing as aset is home *yeah* she has taken over my lap and am typing with mostly one hand. she made it ok, and is almost as playful as before, just have to make sure she takes it easy. after all, she too was just under the knife.
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