December 28th, 2007


Possible.... jobs?

I'm still up here in Dallas visiting my parents and just being a lazy bum at their house.. same thing, different scenery! Well ok, I have been productive! I made several new necklaces and a bracelet. Bought a way cool bead mag and have been oohing and aahing over the pieces and been trying it out with what I have. I hope to take pics and put them up for sale sometime... unless mom likes them enough and may buys one or two? *fingers crossed* a girl can hope!

Speaking of selling my goods, I am looking into trying to find the next trade days in Marlin. I know it's not like a busy place, but even if i can make a small bit back I can justify buying more beads. Sad isn't it?

OH! OH! now on with the subject line! Tammy and Angie (my bestestess friends in Marlin) separately found me 2 jobs.... well I still need to apply to them, but possible jobs! Angie was talking to Steve about openings at EMS, where he works, and I think they need a full time dispatcher. I know I need special classes to become a EMS dispatcher but I had talked to the owner's wife and she said that if there is a class, I could join - before this opening came available. Tammy found one I could almost guarantee to get. It's working up at the courthouse as the County Judge's secretary. I could do that... also when I think about it, I'd have to take over all the Keep Texas/Keep Falls County Beautiful stuff over too. A LOT OF WORK. But it's not like the paper was any better.

So not in my field, BUT it's a job AND it affords me time to look for my dream job! So we shall see. ALSO, Tammy has said they possibly found a house to move into soon(ish) - It's to buy but the costs would be pretty low. It's a 3 bed/2 bath/with pool. I flipped when she said pool. the best part, since it's 3 bedrooms, I could potentially move out of my house/apt/condo and move in with them. WEEE!!! my cats may have a cow with it, but hell, a bedroom has a door, so they can stay in if they want. Or do a gate so they can jump over, but the zoo (dogs) can't get in... theory is so much nicer than reality.

So, hope everyone had a great Christmas, and a wonderful New Year if I don't talk to you all before than!!