January 2nd, 2008



Dear me, this is my first post of 2008 - that's odd to write - and what's going through my brain? The fact that my financial situation is going to the dogs.

I have to go to the paper tomorrow and pick one up, to see if the job with the Judge is in there, and if it is, go to the courthouse and fill out the application to be his secretary. I am freaking silently now.

I am not going to complain (much) but it's just hard at the moment to look around my house - which thank GOD I have been able to keep and scrap the money together every month for - and I have the heater on, low, and anything but the room I am in, lights off. Now I'm gonna make myself cry.

I stayed so strong while up in Dallas and didn't tell my parents exactly how bad things really are. I have to tell Tammy to pay me back, which is not a problem, cause I know she's good for it, so that will ease a bit, but only on my Credit Card. So I have to wait til I can apply for the unemployment check again. I am hoping this week I can apply again. And payday on Friday at Movie Gallery.

Ok, my tiny whine: I don't know what to do with all the freaking jewelry I have done. I have it up on the site, I have sold one piece off there, 2 to a family friend and 3 to my mom. I picked up a lot of new beads, ordered some more to restock, and now.... now, I wonder what I have done. Maybe I should just put up all the jewelry on Ebay and just take what ever price I can get. Put up my supplies and be done with the whole thing. Cause if no one wants what I do, why do it? And in my twisted mind, it screams "you can't even get a frakin journalism job, what the hell were you thinking you can do this?" Sorry, just frustrated and venting... /rant

I better stop before I really do start crying... Really, I hope the next few days and weeks turn around... they have to.. and they can. They will! *positive*

Ok team, I'm gonna continue watching the America's Top Model Marathon. Maybe get some popcorn... mmmm!