January 13th, 2008



I'm dog sitting at Tammy and Angie's... and they have BBC America... am watching Ramsay's Boiling Point - Oh the British! *hugs you to bits* - and what do I look up to see? TORCHWOOD PROMO!!!

Ya ya ok so we all know S2 is coming.... but now I have a date! Jan. 26th!!!! But the bad thing is I don't get BBC America at my house, so either I have to ask sweetly to have it added to their DVR recordings... or just continue doing what I have been doing...

YEAH!!!!! Me happy!

SQUEEEE!!! pt 2

Oh. MY. Moonlight! MOONLIGHT!!!! You hold my soul and heart - and then what do you do? twist it in my ribcage and rip it out! I have finally found true PTB that love the angst, love the cannon and ... and .... ANGST!!!! It's so official - Mick LOVES Beth!!

*does mega fangirl squee dance of fannish girly kind*
(it's a mega big shippy dance)