January 20th, 2008



Omt. I just finished reading "The Time Traveler's Wife" by Audrey Neffenegger, and ... I still have tears in my eyes!

How unique and how fascinating the concept of this book! You get the whole story from the two main character's perspective, but from Clare's time line of events. Henry, her husband and future husband at many points of the book, is a time traveler, but has no choice in when and where he goes. But he always visits Clare, and they grow together until the day they finally meet in realtime... and live their lives out with Henry finally catching up on the parts of Clare's childhood he had been there for in Clare's time line.

Very hard to explain sometimes, but Audrey makes it seem so... natural. For a first time author, this is amazing. I highly recommend it as it was recommended to me. I only hope that my first book (you know in 2870) is as good.
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