January 22nd, 2008



I got two packages today! both from my precious friends in Deutschland!! dine7184 and tiah15!

Isis made sure it was safe to open and Aset decided she could help by eating the cardboard! The gifts just kept coming out! You all are too good! Between the pic (Tia) and the cat treats (Dine) I don't think I can stop smiling!! The Angel (Dine) and the candle collection (Tia) I think I will be set for the rest of the year!

I guess the packages came via ship, than by horse back! They took long enough, but dude, soooo worth the wait! So now I think I have recieved everything people sent! From Starbucks card (Jessica!) to some hot chocolate (Jess) and pretty sparklies (Ani) and then the cards that just kept coming, I couldn't be more blessed!

*hugles flist with warm and fuzzy holiday feelings*