January 25th, 2008


Happy Birthday Sammy!!

sammyjayne wanted some Baby!Fic! for her birthday… and even so I have written a total of ONE (1) baby!fic!, here is my present to you dear! It's not really like a TEAM!baby fic... just more like Sam exploring some options... hehe maybe it will help with your own writing!

Party like a RockStar! It's your Birthday! Yeah!!!

Whose Noes?
Ya.. the title still is horrid.. but somehow a New Yorker accent took over me when I was thinking up titles...
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Smoky the Doggie!

Ok you wanted cute doggie pictures? Here is the cute little bugger who my kitties are not sure what kind of cat he is.



So there ya go. The terror of my cats! Poor Aset hisses at him when he comes near, and Isis kind of looks at him and backs away. They are cuttently up on the stairs, watching me. I think we may be making progress!