January 31st, 2008


New Jewelry

After some talking with coexist_love and some poking around on the internet, I came across this awesome looking necklace that included some buttons strung together to make a necklace. Well, after finding some of my old buttons, I came up with my own design! How exciting is that?


I present... Cute as a Button! Chokers that are 14 inches featuring a single button on either a black string, or ribbon, with dangling beads to accent the whole piece. Matching or contrasting beads can be customized on your order. And at $15 these make a unique gift for a friend, or special Valentine.

Speaking of the Holiday Which Single People Loath, aka Valentine's Day, I will be redoing some heart-centric necklaces and bracelets - the one I made, was sold before I could put it up! Awesome!

So hurry over to my shop, don't forget to look at some of my other pieces!
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