February 10th, 2008



Well it's been a while since I have done the whole highs and lows, so here we goes...


* The substitute teaching thing is a go! I have a meeting on Thursday morning to learn how to do this thing... I am going to go over to the admin building either tomorrow or tues. to pick up a packet (if i can) to get my fingers printed. *makes plans to change name and face incase that one thing comes back to me... shifts eyes*

* I am not moving ... well, am putting off plans to move, how's that?

* I'm getting more hours at work to help me stay here... until something else comes along.

* Last weekend I spent all Sat. morning in Starbucks watching a movie, some eps of NCIS (whoo hoo.. now I remember why I liked the show!) and doing some new jewelry.

* Signed up for the songfic50 and have been doing fairly well with writing inspired by song. It's actually a lot harder (and more fun) then I had thought. I have done a many song-fic or song inspired fc, but to do them for the challenge... epp! Gimme some of your fave songs! Really! 700+ songs on iTunes and I am running low on inspiration at times! OI!


* This morning I opened the store, only to punch in the alarm code wrong, had the alarm blare, the company call, police call, me balling, and very stressed. Yesterday wasn't any better - I came in early to help my manager, and then my relief was a no show, no call, and i had to stay an hour after my scheduled time - not abad thing, but I was in pain almost the whole time, so I was not happy that my manager took her sweet time to come back when she could have called one of the other girls who lives in town.

* No more interesting calls/emails from people who want to hire me. Career seems to have cooled off.

* General life stress still is bugging me. But who doesn't have stress... I'll try to keep the whining to a minimum.

* Money. Flows one way (most of the time) and it's not flowing back (quickly).

* Tons of other things that have me crying for no reason... but once a cry's been done.. I'm usually ok. And a hug. Need a hug.

Ok... so ya, not as depressing of a post .. but close. So ya. OH! some fun things:

Got to see where the funeral home prepares the bodies! COOL!!! Talked to one of the directors and found out he did autopsies. WOW! So ya, I really love living behind a funeral home! Cause you can bet your pennies they all will be in my next novel.. you know that one that will never be done. Ya next to the others not done...

We had a fire on Friday night. The family effected? the girl who works at Movie Gallery. The one who swore up and down she would work on Sat. The one who was a no call no show... alas. Only the kitchen was on fire and the rest of the front rooms have water damage. It was also the first house I have gone in to look at the damage. I wish I was tall and could do fire fighting full time, cause dude, would love to be an arson investigator! Hmmm may have to look into that... for my characters sake at least.

Ok, so over all the past few weeks, may not be so bad as I have made it out to be to some people... :)