March 24th, 2008


Updates... on life

well just a few updates..

* got my car inspected *finally* today. It ran out in November. Opps. :)
* got all my betaing done! Now for round two for the rest of it, I am sure but I am eager to do it.
* no new fics from me. heck, who wants to read it anyway?
* made my list of things to pack for London/Germany - in 6 weeks. I have already started packing my mini-toiletries... um, ya.
* bought some new clothes on Sat. At a supper clearance place. It just turned from a regular store to the clearance store. I love Waco!
* Tammy and Angie delivered the multi-tiered cat jungle - pics coming when i get my camera
* my 3x zoom lens arrived! now i am going to order my camera (Nikon D40... the one I have been droooooooling over since last summer) in 2 weeks!
* I am looking into getting my teachers certification. Any teachers on my f-list... um, any ideas? I have looked (and contacted) a online certification program - and I need to contact the community college to see what their time line is. I want to teach English/Journalism, and contacted a local ISD to see if I am working on my certification would they look at my app... and they said yes, so I filled out the online thingy... wish me luck!
* no school today - so did some spring(ish) cleaning... which I started yesterday.
* had a really good time at home with mom and dad.
* bought my bridesmaid dress for a semi-friends wedding. *sigh* but it's pretty, so I don't mind too much.

Ok.... well that's all that I can think of! WEE