March 27th, 2008


(no subject)

You know when you clean your house, you are usually finding some odd things you didn't remember you even had?

I am cleaning my house because it needs it, and because my parents are coming down to spend the weekend. I have a blow up mattress for them to camp out on in my livingroom. *sigh* how i'd love to have a 2 bedroom house. Or even a 1.5 bathroom house. Alas. I no complain. I have a cute house.

So ya, cleaning... found some birthday cards from mom (made me cry) from dad (made me smile and wish I was working) and one from my cats (via my parents) and.... $50! Such a blessing!! I need that money so bad... so now I think I will clean the livingroom, tidy the kitchen (aka do the dishes) work on my bedroom this afternoon, and see if i need to buy more kitty litter, of the box i have is good. I think a shower after that will be in order... my hair looks horrid!

That $50 will last me a while since I just went shopping... maybe to replenish my milk, or something, but I can't think of much else... of course I can be really bad and spend it on clothes, but maybe I'll set part of it aside and do a "Spending London Money" fund with my loose change and such...

Hope I find more hidden money!

ps. the money was from my cats. *pets them*