April 2nd, 2008


Random Post-By

Ok first off... Happy Birthday to moonshayde - besides being a awesome Gater, she is like the fan writer I most admired (and still do) when I first discovered this world of fan fic. You are talented my dear! And I know the journey of being a writer isn't easy, but you keep going on... even if it doesn't feel like you are moving - you are not sitting down, so you are moving! *hugs* hope your day is awesome!!

Ok second off ... I am sitting in the kindergarden classroom at the local elementary school. duh. SO ya, got called in *supper dupper happy dance* so that's some money I have coming in at the end of the month. Bad thing is subs get paid once a month... but it's far enough away from my trip i can get the money into paper... and it's direct deposited, so I no have to worry about a lot of running around to get the money into the bank. Small praise for that! *random squish of Ani*

Ok third off... i don't have to work at the store tonight, so that's a pressure off me. i can kick back, watch last night's American Idol and Hell's Kitchen *whoot* and relax. Maybe I will eat the rest of my enchillada's i made the other day... mmm... or wait, i have a take home box of food... damn. left it at Tammy's so i am sure it's gone. :( such good food. I'm not hungry - we just ate lunch at 11:30 (now almost 2) so one more hour of this and HOME!

Ok forth off... I am glad i am subbing for the elementary almost all the time. It makes me positive I can't do little kids. they are... special and not my kind of special. more like that special that gets to you after a while and you just wonder how can their parents do it... makes me also positive i am not mother material. I'd like to sub for the jr and sr high again (or first time at the sr. high) but was told the other school district i work for (and pays more) may need me in 2 weeks for high school! Yeah!! Please don't make it Math. *sigh* I am going to look into how i can get some money to pay for my certification. The more I sub, the more i think I can do this... because if I can stay sane(ish) as a sub, than haveing a class full time can't be much worse.

Ok. HAHAHA no fifth... or is there? Muahahahaa.. see the kids ate my brain. It's almost 2, so i need to go down to the gym and pick the kids up and than we have a work sheet i already put at their desks. have to make sure we have enough pencils.. where the hell do they all go? Pencil Hell? sheesh. then i may sit them in front of the classroom and read a book to them... awwwww. or maybe more worksheets with glue and colors.

*hugs f-list*
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