April 26th, 2008


*freaks out*

Dear MISD,

WHAT the hell is going on with my paycheck, MISD?

I just finally checked and you paid me for 3 days of subbing instead of the 7 or 9 I have done. I was at least expecting a 5 to be somewhere in the figure. But THAT?!?!

WHAT THE HELL??? If I would have been ABLE to get on while I was subbing in Cameron I would have stepped outside and dealt with it on FRIDAY. But seeing as now it's the MF weekend, I have to post pone ALL of my plans to go to the bank and see when I can convert money for London because some how YOU screwed me!!

And I BETTER not get a "it will be on your next check" - that's in May you assholes!!! I need the gawddamn money NOW!!!!!!


I didn't just get sick last weekend, dealt with fucking ANNOYING kids all month for you to pay me a 3 day wage. FUCKERS give me my well deserved pay check.

I guess it's a good thing it's the weekend... bad thing for you is I live across the street from the Admin building. So, dear MISD, I sure hope the money is in my account over the weekend, because if I have to raise hell to get my money on Monday - 2 days before I go to London - I will be whatever is BEYOND FUCKING PISSED!!

Absolutely no love, your HARD working Substitute,
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